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We provide resources including: eBooks, Reports, Presentations, and other material to help you execute projects. AtHeath offers on-line and offline services to help solve specific business challenges or create turnkey solutions. The idea is to put you “In-the-Know” on best practices known to work often from years of experience!

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AtHeath offers two subscriptions:  Basic and Advanced

Where you will find titles such as:

  • Selections from: The Research Playbook
  • Sales Cycle Analysis – A Powerful Tool
  • ACE (Audit, Correct, Enhance) DIY Services
  • Questionnaire Design Topics
  • Questionnaire Quality Control Audit
  • Avoid Overly Long Questionnaires
  • Telephone vs Web Data Collection or Abstract only
  • Analysis Plans – The Underdog of Market Research
  • Is My Sample Large Enough?
  • Case Studies

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