Solutions for “Marketing Minded” Business Owners!


AtHeath Delivers Marketing Programs and Customer Insights to Meet Your Business Objectives

AtHeath helps small and midsize business owners and non-profit organizations meet current and future objectives through the execution of marketing strategy and research. We use a variety of approaches such as social media, interactive programs, and established methods to attract your audience.

Our Programs are designed to help your company execute highly effective Marketing and Research Plans.

Successful Campaigns Expand Your Customer Base Strategically:

Step # 1 – Develop a custom social media marketing strategy unique to your business and goals
Step # 2 – Provide a fast ramp-up to actively establish your internet and social media presence
Step # 3 – Work to create, optimize, and maintain strong online profiles
Step # 4 – Provide ongoing exposure on prominent and niche social sites

Then: Step # 5
Launch blogs and/or article marketing campaigns
Set up social media research designed for passive and active information gathering

We help businesses understand available options and make wise choices.
We explore the complexity of new and expanding options to give you a strategic advantage.


Get Inside the Heads of Customers

More than ever, businesses must integrate content, connections, and communications – the 3 C’s to cost-effectively harnessing social media and a wide range of options for engaging in conversations. Passive listening is not enough you must use active learning and this requires skill.

AtHeath will work with you to create a plan and select tools wisely.  Create Awareness by sharing ideas. Learn to engage customers and meet the challenges of the 21st Century.