Solutions for “Marketing Minded” Business Owners!

Customer Insights

Getting in the Heads of Customers

We specialize In:

  • Sales Cycle Analysis: Move through the ACPC funnel with a presence on multiple social media sites
  • Market Assessment and Reach: Explore how messages resonate as well as where to message
  • Pricing Research Measurement: Don’t leave money on the table or be out in cold with a price that’s too high
  • Voice-of-the-Customer Projects: What are customers saying about you and your competitors?
  • Advanced Market Assessment and Segmentation: Examine market opportunities and which market segments are likely to be the most profitable and productive for your company..

We use innovations such as:

  • Asynchronous Targeted Focus Groups: Ease to target and manage at a fraction of the cost fro a traditional focus group
  • Text Analytics: Understand tons of unstructured information is a complex task, but we have an expert in the field ready to help you
  • Social Media Product Testing: Many social media networks have the potential to propel your next product or service launch, you would be wise to investigate this powerful approach


Questionnaire Design for Business Research  - Book Tate Publishing

Advanced Membership Content:

  • Focus Group Principles and Practice Part I: A Guide to Using Focus Groups
  • Analysis Plans Made Easier
  • Is My Sample Large Enough?
  • Fast Track Panel RFQ
  • Sampling Dilemmas and Solution
  • Questionnaire Design Problem Mixed Mode Scales

Basic Membership Content:

  • Analysis Plans – The Underdog of Market Research
  • Avoid Overly Long Questionnaires
  • Ten Pitfalls When Conducting Market Research
  • Telephone versus Web-based Data Collection: Trade-offs and Decisions